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Officials aim for Cypriot ‘Riviera’ in Akamas

By Demetra Landou

The lack of a unified identity and common strategy has always been a factor that troubled tourism stakeholders. Aiming to implement Cyprus’ tourism strategy and its inclusion in the Top 30 most competitive destinations worldwide, the Deputy Tourism Ministry has launched a procurement process for the promotion of north-west Cyprus.

In essence, the Ministry aims to promote tourism in areas that have not been developed so far, including Pomos, Neo Chorio and Polis with the villages Androlykou, Kathikas, Kritou Tera etc, wanting to gather all small communities under one ‘roof’ with its own brand name that will be used to attract foreign visitors.

As mentioned in the relevant tender documents, the area would require a distinct name in order to be promoted as one entity. Recommendations on the table include the idea to promote it as ‘Cyprus Riviera’, ‘Aphrodite’s Riviera’ or ‘Akamas Riviera’.

As things stand, each community promotes itself. The Deputy Tourism Ministry estimates that with the promotion of the area’s hidden treasures the product will be upgraded, thereby increasing tourist traffic in the Akamas communities and will create the conditions for the development of the area. It noted that the area can benefit from eco-tourism, agrotourism as well as health and wellness tourism.

The study’s aim is to develop a strategy that will aim at the tourist development and the creation of a unified tourist identity for the wider area of Polis Chrysochouls and Tillyria.

The study will focus on the area’s distinct features, primarily the environmental ones, while providing insights into how the area stands out compared to the rest of the island’s offerings.

According to the tender documents, the study is divided into three phases; the first comprises an overview of the current situation (4 months), while on month 7 (phase 2) the Ministry anticipates that recommendations will be submitted as to how the quality and infrastructure of the area can be upgraded. The plan of action, it is added, should be submitted on month 9 (phase 3).

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