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Notorious potato monument in Xylophagou to cost 15,000 euro

A potato effigy being erected in the village of Xylofagou in Famagusta continues to make the rounds on social media with a stream of unflattering comments about the phallic-looking symbol.

But, as if this was not bad enough, Philenews reported on Thursday that the notorious monument will cost local authorities some €15,000.

However, local community leader George Tasou has said there is no such thing as bad publicity and that the ‘unfinished’ monument could actually become the community’s reference point.

He also told Philenews that the potato effigy made of fiberglass needs additional work and that its cost, so far, has been €8,000.

But municipal council members are now objecting to the completion of the four meters high mocked monument  which they want to see demolished and removed.

The potato sculpture is built to pay homage to the main product of the ‘red soil’ villages in the area, ahead of the ‘Potato Festival’ to be held in the coming weeks.

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