NewsLocalNotable rise in demand for aid packages for Cyprus' needy

Notable rise in demand for aid packages for Cyprus’ needy

Cyprus marks a notable rise in poverty considering that aid packages for the needy are more and more in demand these days, Philenews reported on Monday.

The big price rises in basic goods and fuel – recorded since the beginning of the year – have added to the survival woes of a large number of needy families and not only.

Individuals and families who up until last year managed to survive, despite the difficulties, this year have been brought to their knees and need support in basic necessities.

The future is expected to be omenous while the possibility to see the rise of homeless families in the near future is on the cards. That’s why the state’s support should be prompt and efficient, Philenews also reports.

In Limassol, where luxury towers are popping up with apartments going for millions, there is another side to the apparent affluency – that of poverty and destitution.

This is recorded through the prevailing demand for an increased number of aid packages for the needy.

The telephone of “Yellow Line” private initiative does not stop ringing, an insider said. Calls from hundreds of fellow citizens who are desperate for a food package and school supplies. Most in demand are pasta and other basic goods such as olives and citrus fruits.

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