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Not every public servant to be getting evaluated as “excellent” from now on

Not every public servant in Cyprus will be getting evaluated as “excellent” as is the case now because the Parliament has finally approved two new laws on this.

Specifically, the plenum on Thursday approved by 47 votes in favour and three against two laws relating to the evaluation and promotion of civil servants.

The new system provides that seniority will no longer be considered as the top criterion in the case of promotions. And greater weight will be placed on performance in oral interviews and written exams.

In addition, the Public Service Commission will introduce specific evaluation procedures and specific timeframes for assessments.

Moreover, departmental heads will also undergo an anonymous assessment by their subordinates.

Initially this assessment was to be optional but under a last minute amendment it will now be mandatory.

The approved laws have paved the way for the disbursement to Cyprus of tens of millions of euro from the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility.

The legislation relates to the much-needed reform of local government.

This also aims to merge existing municipalities and communities.

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