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Not a beneficiary of T/C property yet he owns almost 2 million sq. kms of such land

An employee of the government department charged with managing Turkish Cypriot properties owns as much as 1,825,447 square metres of such land even though he is not a beneficiary.

But what is even more strange is that late Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos had intervened and the illegally owned land was reduced to 884,622 square metres after the Audit Office recorded the irregularity.

And even stranger is the fact that this employee wrote in his statement before the House Refugees Committee that the land he currently owns had been reduced to 780,000 square metres, Philenews reported on Thursday.

Under normal circumstances – since the employee in question was not even a beneficiary of any Turkish Cypriot property- the illegally owned land in Andronikou, Paphos district, should have been recovered by the state in its entirety.

This is not the case and, according to reliable information, the land is cultivated by members of this employee’s family.

However, the employee in question who happens to be a Turkish Cypriot himself allegedly has property which belongs to him in the areas under the control of the Republic.

And the question raised is what happened to this land? And, if it is being used, by whom?

This is just one of many atrocious cases regarding the management of Turkish Cypriot properties.

In fact, the Committee heard this week that a quarter of the people currently working for this government department have benefitted from owning such a property.

A list submitted to the committee shows a total of 16 individuals from the 68 in the service had benefitted from these properties.

These 16 individuals have received a property themselves or through companies in which they are shareholders, or family members did.

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