NewsLocalUnvaccinated patients at reference Hospital at 85%

Unvaccinated patients at reference Hospital at 85%

Scientific director of Larnaka and Famagusta Hospitals Amalia Hadjiyianni said that 85% of the patients receiving treatment in Famagusta Reference Hospital are unvvaccinated. She told the Cyprus News Agency that 42 patients are right now hospitalised of whom 7 are in the ACU. The median age of all patients is 62 years. The youngest patient is 31 and the oldest 93.

Hadjiyianni said that two people were admitted today and that later in the day 4-5 patients will be discharged.

Larnaka General Hospital accommodates right now 22 COVID patients while Eden Rehab Center 126 who will be discharged after 10 days, according to the protocols.  She also said that 18 patients are in the Post Covid ward.

Replying to a question, Hadjiyianni said that although the cases are on the rise, there is a balance in the admissions of patients in public hospitals. She said that the epidemiological situation has worsened but the number of COVID related hospitalisations is under control.

In another question Hadjiyiani said that the number of admissions during Christmas and New Year days had not increased. She said that all the patients so far are Delta variant patients which causes serious infection. She added that the Omicron variant is already in the community but we haven`t seen an enormous increase in hospital admissions compared to the thousands of cases.

Hadjiyianni also told the Cyprus News Agency that so far there has not been a confirmed case of patient with Omicron variant adding that this variant is much more transmissible but gives a mild infection to people who are fully vaccinated.

As regards the operation of the new ICU in Larnaka Hospital, Hadjiyianni said that 6 beds are already in operation to be occupied by non covid patients . She said that his unit will accommodate Larnaka and Famagusta districts in order to decongest the ICU in Nicosia Hospital.

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