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No temporary suspension of security measures in irregular migrants’ reception centers- Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior has raised the existence of a serious security issue in reception centers of irregular migrants in Pournara, Kofinou, Mennogia and Kokkinothrimithia as well as in the Asylum Services head offices.

And all this in a bid to convince the Tender Review Authority not to block the “temporary measures” of security proposed by the company that has won the relevant tender but has been disqualified, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

The tender regards the protection of the aforementioned Centers for a 36-month period at the cost of €1,859,642 plus VAT, that is totaling to €2.3 million, which translated into €64,00 per month (if and when the contract is awarded).

The Asylum Service agreed with the disqualified company’s request to issue “temporary measures” before the tender is re-examined.

The Service pointed out the need for the uninterrupted continuation of Security/Guard services at the Asylum Service’s head offices, its Examination Center and in the Reception/Hospitality Centers.

The Service also said that suspension of the process would however have a negative impact on the general orderly operation of the Centers and the safety of the residents in the surrounding communities.

In the decision of the Reviewing Authority, it is stated that, after considering the possibility of extending the existing custody contracts and the possible consequences of the requested “temporary measures”, it decides to suspend the award process or the signing of the contract until issuing a final decision of the Tender Review Authority, despite the readiness of this company and the Winner company to extend the contracts.


by Daphne Stavrides

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