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No solution found for blind siblings

The problem that arose regarding the school escorts of two blind siblings remains unsolved and as a result the two children remain at home.

Both the 14-year-old girl and the 10-year-old boy refused the escorts appointed by the School Ephorates and requested the ones they had the previous year. Furthermore the girl has been psychologically affected and refuses to eat, while she seems to have problem with the escort appoints since the latter reportedly told her “even if you do not want me, I am all you will get.”

Phileleftheros contacted Dinos Ellinas, President of the School Ephorates, who said that efforts are taking place in order to find a solution.

The Pancyprian Organization of the Blind said that nothing has been done regarding one solution that had been accepted by the family. On the contrary, as they said, the Ministry has denounced the father of keeping the children at home at his own responsibility and as a result the children’s psychological situation has worsened.

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