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No risk of contracting virus through food, says MoH health inspector

There is no risk of transmission of Covid-19 through food, deputy head of the Health Ministry’s health inspection arm Herodotos Herodotou told CNA after being called to address 12 cases found at Zorbas’ production facilities in Aradippou.

Herodotou said that according to the World Health Organisation, the European Food Safety Authority and other competent European bodies, “scientific data so far indicate that the virus cannot be transmitted through food” and that “during digestion, the virus’ protein is destroyed”.

There is no evidence, he said, that people have been infected with Covid-19 through infected food or through contact with infected objects, but “general hygiene rules should be strictly adhered to daily, like frequently washing hands with soap, and hygiene rules when handling the food.”

In an announcement earlier today following press releases by Zorbas as well as Alpha Mega Hypermarkets that found cases at its Engomi branch, the Health Ministry assured that its health inspectors checked two businesses with employees who had tested positive for coronavirus and both had complied with instructions as stipulated by the decree.

Announcement by Alphamega about Covid-19 cases

Meanwhile, the Pancyprian Supermarkets Association issued an announcement reassuring that all health and safety measures are being taken by Cyprus supermarkets in collaboration with government authorities for the safety of consumers and staff, but pleaded anew that consumers abide by the following measures:

  • Where home delivery or pick-up is possible either by electronic or telephone order, please do so
  • Maintain a 2 metre physical distance in supermarkets
  • Do the family shopping alone
  • Shop consciously
  • Do not but more products than you need so that there is enough for everyone
  • Be prepared in advance for what you want to buy. Do brief visits to branches to prevent crowding and minimise the time of your presence at the supermarket
  • Strictly abide by hygiene rules to protect yourselves as well as staff

MoH: Companies with Covid-19 cases complied with decree

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