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No more cheating on halloumi

With its much-awaited verdict that has been in the hands of relevant Authorities as of yesterday, the Legal Service closed the door to halloumi that does not fulfill all the specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

With its decision, the Legal Service is asking the Ministries of Agriculture and Commerce to take measures so that the name halloumi is not used for products that do not fulfill the PDO specifications. It is noted that checks for halloumi PDO are currently taking place by the independent international organization Bureau Veritas, while halloumi certification marks (which meets the standards set by the Cypriot Ministry) are subject to checks by the Commerce Ministry.

Final decisions will be made next week at a meeting at the Presidential Palace, which President Anastasiades has announced after a protest by sheep and goat farmers outside the Palace. Agricultural organizations have been informed by the Agriculture Minister yesterday.

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