NewsLocalNo investigations officers found for gynecologist

No investigations officers found for gynecologist

The investigation into a complaint by a 73-year-old woman against a gynecologist is delayed due to the fact that it is very difficult to find an investigations officer to assist with medical knowledge the police officers at Limassol CID.

The 73-year-old woman was operated by the gynecologist for a hysterectomy, however, the doctor simply removed part of her cervix and never told the patient anything. When the latter got sick and had an MRI during hospitalization it was ascertained that her uterus and a big fibroid she had, had not been removed.

So she filed a complaint with the Police but even though the investigation is almost complete it is very difficult to find another gynecologist to offer medical assistance. All efforts so far by OKYPY have been fruitless since all doctors have refused, either because they know the gynecologist, or because they studied together, or because they do not want to testify against a colleague.

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