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No health checks for COVID-19 in gyms, tutoring centers

At the time when COVID-19 confirmed cases are increasing in Cyprus and the situation, according to epidemiologists, is getting worse, the health checks in gyms, fitness centers, dancing schools, karate schools and afternoon tutoring centers are almost non-existent.

Police reported that they do not carry out any health checks in these premises unless there are complains. According to information, during a meeting that took place more than a month ago, each service undertook to check specific areas. For example, the Police is responsible for supermarkets and coffee shops, the Education Ministry is responsible for afternoon tutoring centers and dance school and the Cyprus Sports Organization is responsible gyms and other sports centers.

However, due to the fact that there is a lack of staff in all services and premises are numerous, checks are rudimentary and as a result the security measures are not respected.

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