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‘No’ from Environmental Authority for planned Ayia Napa golf project

The construction of a planned golf resort in the Ayia Napa area has been blocked by the Environmental Authority because of the significant, negative and irreversible consequences it will have on the natural environment, Phileleftheros reported on Tuesday.

Part of the planned resort would have been located within a Natura 2000 protected area of Cape Greco.

The Environment Authority said the proposed project would have constituted the biggest development in expanse and density in within the protected Cape Greco Natura 2000 zone.

“The project cannot be implemented since the possibility of implementation and operation of the golf course in the protected area and the ancillary tourist developments will have significant, negative  irreversible repercussions as regards the objectives of preserving and protecting the cohesion, structure and operation of the natural habitats and the flora and fauna,” it said.

Phileleftheros said the problems were primarily due to the nature and size of the project which would have been located in the  middle of a protected zone with wild vegetation. The change of use with the opening of roads and the construction of other infrastructure would have had additional negative repercussions.

The proposal for the golf resort includes the construction of a five-star hotel, a golf course, houses, shops and other auxiliary premises. The golf course, a club house and a maintenance area were to be located inside the protected area.

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