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No criminal charges suggested by investigators on use of ‘Ajax’ police vehicle and woman’s injury


Four investigators that looked into violent incidents during an anti-corruption march in Nicosia last February find cause for criminal charges against at least two police officers for disproportionate use of force against citizens that suffered injuries (supported by video footage), but also come to the conclusion that there was nothing at fault with the use of the ‘Ajax’ water pressure police vehicle that resulted in a 24 year old woman suffering a serious eye injury.

A relevant report was submitted to the Attorney General’s Office last October and there is still no word on whether it has been considered and how the Republics’ Legal Service will be proceeding.

An Independent Committee on Complaints Against the People, studied the report on October 3rd and according to a Philenews report, agrees with the conclusions of the four criminal investigators.

According to the conclusions, the ‘Ajax’ vehicle is exclusively used for water use and following the refusal of protesters to disperse, it was deployed exactly for the reason it was brought to the protest. The use of high pressured water.

In regard to the 24 year old woman’s injury, investigators find that it was inevitable since she was warned to leave and did not so. It is claimed that water cannot be aimed through this machine, either high or low.


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