NewsLocalNo compromises on vaccine safety, EMA chief tells Philenews

No compromises on vaccine safety, EMA chief tells Philenews


Vigilance, patience, but not concern, is the advice of the European Medicines Association chief Emer Cook, who assured in an interview to Philenews that there will be no compromises on vaccines safety.

Cook stressed that with scientific studies on-going, there will be more definitive data in the coming weeks over vaccine effectiveness in preventing the spread of the virus as well as the immunity period they provide.

She further made clear that the EMA secured vaccine safety through a comprehensive evaluation process and committed to a no nonsense approach on safety and quality standards. Cook stressed that the Association went through a series of evaluations with vaccines authorised under certain specific conditions.

Responding to criticism that the EMA was late in approving vaccines, Cook made clear that evaluating adequate data was of the essence in ensuring that all safety valves were covered. What remains uncertain, she admitted, are the vaccines’ immunity period.

‘This is under continuous evaluation’, she added, noting that what is imperative in the present time is to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

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