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Night club operation suspended due to breach of Covid rules

A night club owner in Larnaca on Sunday was ordered by the Police to suspend operation of his establishment due to violations of covid measures.

The Police fined a total of 11 citizens and 7 establishments owners all across Cyprus over the past 24 hours for violating protective restrictions.

The force had carried out  a total of 1,924 checks with 1,201 of the inspections related to valid safepasses. Most of the citizens were fined because they did not have a protective face mask.

As regards the fines to establishments these referred to employees and/or managers who did not have a safepass or did not wear a face mask.

In Nicosia the manager of a kiosk was ordered to pay a 500-euro fine because he was working without a safepass. In Limassol a hair salon was issued a fine of 1,000 euro as the owner did not have a safepass and a face mask.

In Larnaka the night club which was ordered to suspend operation was serving 300 customers instead of 200 according to the protocol. In addition, drinks were served at the bar and there was dancing on the dance floor. Next Monday the case will be filed in court.

Also, an employer of a hair salon was fined with a 500 euro because an employee did not wear a face mask.

In Famagusta district a bar owner was fined with a 500 euro fine because he allowed entrance to a customer without a safepass.

Three establishments were fined in Paphos and 2 cases will be brought to court.

The third establishment was fined with a 750 euro fine as the manager and an employee were working without a face mask and a safepass and they failed to check customers for a safepass, to check their temperature and there was no proper signing at the entrance.

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