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Nicosia says Russian remarks on US military buildup in Cyprus “unfortunate”, considers matter closed

The government of Cyprus says comments by a Russian official, regarding a US military buildup in Cyprus, were unfortunate and considers the matter is closed.

Tass reported on Wednesday that Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told journalists that Moscow will have to take response measures in case of a military buildup by the US in Cyprus.

Asked to comment on the issue, Prodromou said on Friday that there have been some unfortunate remarks, however the Republic of Cyprus as an independent country and an EU member state continues to pursue the orientation of the EU.

Nicosia has very good relations with third countries, such as Russia, he pointed out.

According to Prodromou, Cyprus’ relations with Russia are well known, and so is the position of Cyprus in the international community.

Asked about the Russian announcement, he said that the Cyprus government has already replied. “We are not affected by such comments. The Republic of Cyprus is maintaining an intense diplomatic activity and international relations that are constantly being upgraded, through the nexus of trilateral relations, as well as an active stance in the EU system, and is not obliged to provide answers on anything” Prodromou noted.

The Government Spokesman said moreover that Cyprus facilitates frequently countries with close ties or on the basis of memoranda signed, mainly for humanitarian purposes.

Among the countries that benefit from these facilities is also the Russian Federation, for docking purposes, he added.

Prodromou said that Nicosia is not after the militarisation of international relations, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean. He pointed moreover to Turkey, as the country which seeks to militarize international relations and impose its views, both with regard to Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone and more broadly.

According to Prodromou, Nicosia is always focused on the Cyprus issue. We are oriented in maintaining peaceful relations and cooperation with all countries in the region and in accomplishing the county’s demilitarisation, that is the removal of the Turkish occupation troops, he said.

Asked if Nicosia rules out allocating an area to the US military, Prodromou said finally that “there is no such issue.”

(Cyprus News Agency)

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