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Nicosia municipality wants urgent action to ease traffic congestion

Nicosia Municipality has called for the immediate implementation of the Nicosia Mobility Plan in order to solve the city’s traffic congestion problem.

It said that there has been no respite in traffic jams, particularly at the entrance to city as thousands of commuters drive in to work everyday.

Statistics show that 34,000 vehicles enter the capital every day, which is 3,300 more than in 2015.

The number of vehicles using Limassol Avenue daily in 2018 averaged 50,500, a significant rise over the 47,000 figure averaged in 2015.

The same holds true for Strovolos Avenue, (up from 38,000 to 41,000) and for Archangelos Avenue (up from 28,500 to 31,400).

The main source of the problem is heavy reliance on private cars rather than public transport.

Many households have a vehicle for each adult member which is financially costly for the households and harmful to the environment and the quality of life in the capital, it said.

“Traffic congestion in Nicosia is a major problem that we have had and have been aware of from years and that is why a Mobility Plan was drawn up in 2011,” the municipality said.

Foreign experts suggested specific measures to ease traffic congestion and environmental problems, it added.

The Municipality has many times in the past recommended ways to improve the situation such as:

a). The creation of bus lanes and making main arteries one way.

b). More frequent bus schedules in the city.

c). Free use of public transport for a period of time (one or two years)

d). The introduction of a tram network in the capital

The Municipality acknowledged that road works currently underway  in various parts of the capital may cause additional inconvenience but were not to blame for a problem which has dogged the city for years.

On the contrary, their completion — particularly those that are part of the Integrated Nicosia Mobility Plan — will help traffic flow, provided the other measures in the plan are also implemented.


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