NewsLocalNicosia continues conservative policy over new Covid-19 restrictive measures

Nicosia continues conservative policy over new Covid-19 restrictive measures

The government continues its conservative policy on new Covid-19 restrictive measures aiming to curb the rapid spread of infections judging from Thursday’s approved ones by the Cabinet.

That is, mainly a work-from-home order for up to 20 per cent of a business’ workforce along with cancelled Christmas events – inside ad outside of malls all across Cyprus – as of Monday.

Philenews on Friday reported that one crucial decision to be taken by Cabinet remains pending. This concerns the expired time period before a Safepass expires.

Specifically, the government already announced that, as from December 18, the SafePass will no longer be valid for individuals who have not received a booster shot after a period of seven months following completion of their initial vaccination regimen.

But the possibility of changing and extending the fixed abolition time from 7 to 9 months was left open by the Health Minister after Thursday’s Cabinet meeting.

Michalis Hatzipantelas said the duration could change  pending an imminent decision by the EU which is considering the abolition of SafePass after nine months from the second vaccine shot.

“This issue will be discussed next week in Brussels and if there will be a change we will inform you over it,” he added.



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