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NHS to usher in changes in pharmaceuticals

Cypriots will have to get used to the idea that they will be unable to obtain prescription medicine without an actual prescription when the national health scheme comes into force.

This is one of the changes anticipated with the introduction of the scheme

Though the law requires patients to present a prescription when obtaining pharmaceuticals, the practice of handing them over the counter is reportedly widespread in cases where patients have a chronic condition and are regular customers.

The good news is that under the NHS system consumers will need to pay only 1 euro for the prescription itself, irrespective of the actual price of the actual medicine.

However,  even those who currently obtain their medicine free of charge from the state will have to pay for over the counter drugs such as painkillers. This is in line with NHS systems worldwide.

Pharmacists will only be compensated by the  Health Insurance Organisation for pharmaceuticals dispensed on the basis of a prescription issued by a doctor participating in the NHS.


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