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NGOs organise workshop, public intervention about problem gambling

YEU Cyprus and the Finnish Sosped Foundation organised a workshop aimed at increasing awareness about problem gambling.

The workshop took place between June 10-15 in Larnaca. Ten youth volunteers and youth workers from Cyprus, along with four trained personnel from Finland discussed about gambling.

The participants and the trainers shared personal stories, the differences between hobby and addiction, as well as the role of families and friends in the lives of people who deal with problem gambling.

Using non-formal education activities they identified risk factors and signs of problematic gambling.

The participants were also briefed about the gambling situation in Cyprus and Finland by members of the National Betting Authority and the National Gaming & Casino Supervision Commission.

The last two days were spent on preparing the public intervention “Act it out,” which was performed in the city centre of Larnaca. The group organised three activities, comics and notes about problem gambling in order to raise awareness with the people of Cyprus.

YEU Cyprus (Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus) is a non-political, non-governmental organization (NGO). It was established in 1995 with the aim to foster closer cooperation and better understanding among the young people of the world through the exchange of information, experiences and ideas. It advocates on the rights of young people with regards to having a voice in the Cypriot society and beyond. Some of the related topics are human rights, the rights of minorities, racism, xenophobia, extremism etc.

Sosped Foundation develops peer support and education, and supports rehabilitation. Foundation of Social pedagogy (Sosped) has been working with peer – support since 1987. Sosped`s mission is to enhance belonging and social inclusion through peer – support. Activities are targeted to young adult mental health rehabilitators and people who suffer from problematic gaming or gambling.

Bet your life is a project organized by Sosped Foundation and YEU Cyprus. The main aims of this project are to improve the understanding, competence and ability of both organisations to support their target groups and work with young people and also to increase the awareness about problem gambling in Cyprus and introduce an effective model for tracking the problem locally. The goal is to find new ways to raise awareness among youth through non- formal education and experiential learning.

For more information about the project, contact ( or visit the project’s official pages:,, and

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