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New Year with sunshine through to Wednesday, highs of 20


Mild conditions will not be leaving us anytime soon in the New Year, as the forecast sees clear skies and temperatures well clear of the seasonal average persisting over the next week and reaching Epiphany Day on January 6th, as the holiday season comes to a sunny end.

A high pressure system and northeastern gusts of air are affecting the region.

Clear skies with high cloud on the first day of 2023, with initially light to moderate northeasterly winds, force three to four, gradually turning moderate to strong in certain areas, force four to five, over slight to moderate seas and moderate in western areas.

Temperatures will rise to 19 degrees Celsius inland, 20 in coastal regions and 9 over the mountains.

Just a little bit more of high cloud this evening and frosty, but a mostly similar outlook, with light to moderate southwesterly to southeasterly winds, force three to four and moderate force four in southern and eastern areas, over slight seas in the west and moderate in the rest of the coastal regions.

5 degrees Celsius inland, 9 in coastal regions and 3 on the mountains, where frost is expected to form.

Clear skies tomorrow and through to Wednesday, as temperatures remain well above the seasonal average, with the island marking its mildest winter in decades.

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