NewsLocalNew warning by EU over Cyprus' incorrect application of Landfill Directive

New warning by EU over Cyprus’ incorrect application of Landfill Directive

The European Commission on Thursday sent a new letter to Cyprus calling for the correct application of the bloc’s Landfill Directive and giving Nicosia two months to offer a satisfactory response.

And if no satisfactory response is given, Philenews said on Friday, the Commission warns that it may refer the issue to the European Court of Justice.

In particular, the Commission calls on Cyprus to properly implement the waste landfill directive and the Waste Framework Directive.

The waste landfill directive establishes landfill standards to avoid adverse effects on human health, water, soil and air.

The directive obliges member states to take measures to ensure that only treated waste is disposed off in landfills. This is in accordance with the Green Deal’s zero pollution goals.




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