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New urban projects underway for Limassol

Limassol municipality is planning a number of new urban projects for the city under its “Limassol 2020” scheme, Phileleftheros reported.

According to mayor Nicos Nicolaides, the projects concern locations in the western quarter of Limassol and they include square redevelopments, an adult care centre and expansion of the linear park, among others.

The overall cost will be €8 million.

Limassol’s municipality has already acquired €22 million from the EU Regional Development Fund for sustainable development projects for the period 2014-2020.

“The municipality’s attempts to absorb EU funds does not stop,” said mayor Nicolaides, adding that local authorities are now turning their attention to the downgraded western quarters of Limassol to give them a share of the city’s development.

“Our first priority is to upgrade the quality of life in the suburbs. We want Limassol to develop equally and with balance. These projects open the way for realising the city’s vision for the development of neighbourhoods beyond the city centre, which currently are degraded with all the social, environmental and other problems that this entails,” the mayor said.

The projects:

Redevelopment of Syntagmatos Square and Ermou street (6 months – €800,000)

  • Removal of car parks in Syntagmatos Square.
  • Pedestrianisation of Ermou street.
  • Shared use of the street by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Organic connection with Old Port, City Centre and Molos promenade.
  • Integration of bio-climatic elements (water, plants).
  • Conduction of shading – light designing study.
  • Installation of street furniture.

Anagennisis Square (6 months – 500,000)

  • Redesigning of park front to make it accessible from the main road.
  • New entrance points.
  • New playground.
  • Integration of street workout/exercise station.
  • Preservation of traditional elements of the area.
  • Information points about the history of the area.
  • Connection with green promenade.
  • Re-integration of water element.

Adult Care Centre (18 months – 2,5 million)

  • To be located at Philellinon street.
  • Will provide spaces for organising exhibitions, theatres, seminars, lectures, dance shows and sports events.
  • Will include a social space, a multi-purpose space, a library, offices and a medical centre.

Linear Park expansion (2 years – 3,5 million)

  • Corrective works at Pallados, Dimokratias and Alexandrias streets.
  • Organic connection with seafront.
  • Creation of a cycling route.
  • Redevelopment of road surface.
  • Widening pavements.
  • Planting, lighting.
  • Upgrade of sewage system.

Regeneration of Misiaouli-Kavazoglou street (2 years – 5,2 million)

The project concerns the redevelopment of Misiaouli – Kavazoglou and Yildiz streets. It will include the areas starting from the intersection of Makarios III avenue with Misiaouli-Kavazoglou street on the west to the roundabout of Eleutherias, Navarinou and Yildiz streets on the east.

It will be executed in four phases of approximately six months each, in order to reduce the impact on road users and businesses.

It will include:

  • New road of 1,800 metres.
  • Road signage.
  • Cycling route.
  • Sidewalks.
  • Organised parking areas.
  • Tree planting and green areas.
  • Pedestrian crossings.
  • Bus stops.
  • Access ramps.
  • Street lighting.
  • Redevelopment of sewage system.

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