NewsLocalNew twist in baby case; parents deny abuse

New twist in baby case; parents deny abuse

The father of a five month old baby girl has denied raping his daughter, while in a new twist to the story, the mother has reportedly said the infant may have been hurt when the father was changing her nappy, philenews reported on Thursday.

The man has been remanded in custody for five days. Earlier on Wednesday, a state doctor said it appeared the baby was a victim of rape.

The baby is in hospital and out of danger.

Philenews said that police were called to Makarios Hospital by a doctor who said that it appeared that the hymen of a five month old infant had been broken and she should therefore be examined by a coroner.

State pathologist Eleni Antoniou was called in who found a broken hymen and a small abrasion in the genital area.

When the mother was asked what had happened she said that she had noticed that the genital area was inflamed and at the suggestion of her husband took the baby to the doctor.

She said that she had showed her husband how to change the nappy and said that he may have hurt the baby in the process. She also said that no other person was involved in caring for the child.

During questioning the father denied sexually abusing the baby and said it was he who had suggested the mother take her to the hospital.

He is expected to be questioned further. The mother is expected to give a second statement.

Police inquiries continue.

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