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New traffic cameras go on trial operation on Monday, warnings only for first two months

Traffic cameras are to go on trial operation for a three-month period on Monday but those caught will receive a warning only through the mail up until January 1, 2022.

This is what Philenews reported on Wednesday, adding that Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos believes the one month grace period initially decided so that drivers get used to the new system was too short.

And that the extension would be helpful considering the shocking results on Tuesday when fixed traffic cameras on Grivas Digheni and Demostheni Severis avenues in Nicosia recorded some 500 violations within two hours. The cameras were carrying out a test.

A total of 20 fixed cameras and 16 mobile ones will be in operation in the first six months, with another 66 installed over the six months that follow.

Authorities hope the introduction of the new system will be instrumental in improving road safety all across Cyprus.

The cameras will record speeding, red light violations, crossing the waiting line at traffic lights, failure to wear a seatbelt and use of a mobile phone.

The system will cost €8m to install and €35m to operate over five years. Those caught will receive an out-of-court fine by registered mail and a code giving them access to a photograph of their traffic violation.

If the vehicle is being driven by someone other than the owner, then the latter will have to say who was driving.



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