NewsLocalNew shock over controversial Astrazeneca vaccine

New shock over controversial Astrazeneca vaccine

Astrazeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine has come again under fire following a statement by an official for the European Medicines Agency that there is a link between the jab and very rare blood clots. And that the causes are still unknown.

Even though the World Health Organization re-assured on Tuesday that it expects there will be no reason to change its assessment that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh any risks seem not to contain rising concern worldwide.

The new controversy comes at a time when the vaccination programme of several member states, including Cyprus, depends to a large extent on Astrazeneca quantities.

Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Services Elena Panayiotopoulou told Philenews that Cyprus does not intend to withdraw Astrazeneca for the time being.

But she did leave open the possibility of new specific recommendations to be issued by the European Medicines Agency. For example, some EU countries have already banned the vaccination of younger people with Astrazeneca.

Christos Petrou who is a member of the coronavirus scientific team advising the government said they are anticipating “immediate clear and scientifically substantiated decisions to be announced on this issue.

“Because it causes fear and anxiety amongst people and slows down the vaccination programme.”


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