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New rules permit more guests at catering establishments


Catering establishments will be able to cater to more guests as from tomorrow, the Health Ministry has announced citing the very good epidemiological picture as concerns the coronavirus.

Up until today, guidelines governing the operation of catering establishments set a maximum of 75 people inside and 150 people outside. This ceiling was over and above the distancing requirement which stipulated that there can be only one person per three square metres indoors and two square metres outdoors, excluding employees.

Maximum of 75 guest indoors, 150 outdoors at catering establishments

Under the revised rules that come into effect tomorrow, the social distancing requirement remains in force. However, establishments can now serve a maximum of 100 people inside and 200 people outside. They cannot serve more, even if they have the space required by the distancing rule, the ministry clarified.

Moreover, guests must be seated at the table. If the establishments do have bars, these can be used by staff to prepare food and drink but not directly by the guests.

The above restrictions apply to the following catering establishments listed in the Health Minister’s decree of June 5:


Hotels and tourist accommodation



Pizza parlours

Pubs, bars and snack bars


Canteens of schools, sports and cultural clubs

The above regulations apply only to the businesses listed above. As regards gatherings in public spaces such as weddings, christenings, festivals and other gatherings, the ceiling of 75 people indoors and 150 outdoors remains in force.

The ministry also reiterated that concerts are allowed only in outdoor amphitheatres and not any other outdoor space such as stadiums, and provided the specific rules are adhered to.

The ministry added that the above arrangements will be reassessed based on the epidemiological indices.


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