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New rules on child car seats’ law set to come into force

The House of Representatives have changed the rules on child car seats in an effort to increase children’s safety.

The new rules take into account factors such as children’s height and are set to come into force for taxis, mini buses, school buses and excursion buses.

Deputy director of the Traffic Department Charis Evripidou said the new rules require the use of child seats buses, mini buses and taxis to circumstances.

More specifically, Evripidou told Phileleftheros newspaper that as of September 25, child car seats will be mandatory in taxis and buses for children who are under 150 centimetres tall, otherwise there would be a fine of €85. It is to be noted that new rules do not affect private cars.

Buses should have safety belts and children should not be allowed in the front seat. Children over 6 years old should use safety belts, while child car seats (provided by parents or appointed escorts) are obligatory for children under 6 years old.

Taxi, bus drivers or escorts to be responsible for the use of child car seats.

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