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New rules for hairdressers and barbers as reopening nears

Clients and hairdressers will have to negotiate a web of new rules designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus once salons reopen with phase two of the gradual relaxation of the lockdown which starts on May 21.

Changes include restrictions on the number of people there, masks and gloves — mandatory for staff and recommended for clients —  a temperature check on entry and no reading material.

Under the new regulations published by the Health Ministry on Friday, hairdressers salons and barber shops can only have one person per eight square metres and must ensure staff wear masks and gloves.

The rules were published on the government’s website on coronavirus on Friday and as in other professions, cover the preventive and hygiene measures that must be followed.

1. General preventive actions, such as written instructions and training on how Covid-19 spreads for staff so that they can recognise symptoms and guidance on reporting symptoms and avoid a lot of people in the premises. In places used by the public the one person per eight square metres rule applies as does the two metres distancing rule. All services must be offered by appointment only with adequate time so as to avoid crowding. Moreover, there must be disinfectant at the entrance and exit. Staff must be organised in working groups so that there is limited interaction. There are instructions also as regards the toilets. The temperature of staff must be taken before they start work and if they have a fever they must leave and contact their personal doctor. Managers must ensure there are single use towels and protective clothing for staff.

2. Instructions for cleaning and disinfection for cleaning staff. Instructions are for frequent and thorough cleaning of common use objects, surfaces, handles etc. Cleaners must use gloves and single use protective clothing. Gloves must be single use, rubbish bags must be tightly tied and removed immediately.

3. Personal hygiene instructions to employees. All must comply with these rules and wash their hands regularly. Staff must wear a mask and gloves.

4. Instructions for use of areas.

— in cases of large hairdresser salons and barber shops regular checks must be carried out to ensure rules are being adhered to by staff and clients

–  clients will have their temperature taken before entering and if they have a temperature, must leave and be instructed to contact their doctor

— clients are advised to wear masks but this is not compulsory

— there must be signs informing clients not to come in if they feel unwell or have Covid-19 like symptoms

— staff who work with the public should restrict conversation as much as possible

– arrangements must be made so that work stations and distance between clients complies with the 2-metre rule. Where this is not possible, a partition must be place

– organisation of the work and space so that clients spend as little time as possible at the premises.

– avoidance of promotions that may extend the time the public spends at the premises or which require additional people

— reduction to the extent possible of cash transactions

— personal protection equipment such as masks, single use gloves and nylon single use clothing for personnel when dyeing hair

— special care with hair driers because this recirculates the air so windows and doors must be open

– there should be no common use reading material (magazines, newspapers etc)

— after each client, the equipment used must be sterilised and the seat used must be disinfected

— preferable use of single use towels and aprons for each client but if other towels are used they must be taken to hermetically sealed storage until washed at high temperatures

– special care must be taken for the systematic and regular ventilation of the space. Doors and windows must be open a/c must be switched off.

— clients can only be offered drinks in single use cups

— in the event of symptoms (fever, coughing, difficulty in breathing, sore throat) stay home and call 1420

— recommendation that vulnerable groups not be at work or if possible amend their duties at the advice of doctors to reduce health risks.

— where possible divide staff into groups who do not interact in the same working area

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