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New online scam for 21,000 euros

A British woman, permanent resident of Cyprus, who is in charge of a British cargo company in Cyprus, complained to the Paphos Police that the amount of 21,000 euros she sent in December to a specific company in the UK ended up in an unknown account and not to the real beneficiaries.

The woman said that she has been recently informed from the officials of the company she supposedly sent the money to that they have not received it.

Following Police investigations, it was ascertained that they money ended up in the account of unidentified person, who had hacked her account. These people had sent the woman an email pretending to be the beneficiaries, with a new account number where to deposit the money.

The head of the Paphos CID said the Police acted immediately and is cooperating with Interpol in order to free the money if they are still in an account.

He also urged people dealing with online payments to be particularly careful since this kind of fraud is recently very common.


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