NewsLocalNew lockdown looms over Cyprus, Cabinet meets Friday for final decisions

New lockdown looms over Cyprus, Cabinet meets Friday for final decisions

A possible two-week lockdown in Cyprus is on the cards as the country’s epidemiological condition is worsening by the day but final decisions by the Cabinet will be taken later on Friday.

The Cabinet meeting is scheduled for 11:30am and the Health Minister is to announce the new state of play – including how Easter celebrations will be marked – immediately afterwards.

On Thursday, the number of new Covid cases reached a record high of 927 as hospitals all across the island were flooded with patients – almost 80 of whom being in critical condition.

At the same time, the epidemiological team advising the government met for a long time on Thursday afternoon with the President and relevant ministers to re-assess the situation with the pandemic.

Most members of the scientific team seem not to favour a strict lockdown but rather the tightening of some of the measures that are still in force, according to insiders.

Their argument is that a new two-week lockdown would not actually help improve the epidemiological data, and considering the obvious fatigue of citizens,  they suggest stricter restrictions to be imposed, instead. At least during the Holy Week and up until May 3.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, however, seems to opt for a two-week lockdown so as to ease the burden on state hospitals.

And he also argues that the two week closure will coincide with the Easter holiday break at schools, something that will make the lockdown more effective, insiders also said.

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