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New hunting season kicks off on Sunday

Sunday August 23, will mark the first day for the island’s new hunting season with the Game Service appealing to all hunters to show respect to other people’s property and each other.

They also ask that they be especially careful during their excursions, to avoid lighting fires or throw cigarette butts and lit matches as it is strictly prohibited.

It is stressed that the risk of forest fires is extremely high.

Meanwhile, the Game Service appeals to all hunters to also abide by the following rules:

• To avoid extensive exposure in the sun.
• To dress lightly.
• To wear a hat and sunglasses.
• To drink plenty of liquids — water and fruit juices.
• To avoid the consumption of alcohol.
• To plan ahead for their route and to give themselves adequate time to get to the area where they plan to hunt and to return to their car.
• To avoid hunting alone and to ensure someone always knows where they’ll be hunting.
• To have a plan as to what to do in case of an emergency.

Anyone who spots smoke or fire in or near the forest is urged to call 1407 or 112 immediately.

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