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New employment rules for asylum seekers could lead to more labour market burdens

The previous government has introduced amendments to the regulations concerning employment of political asylum seekers in Cyprus but this is expected to add burdens to the labour market, Philenews reports citing insiders.

And all this at a time when the Mediterranean island is already confronted substantial shortages of human resources particularly in the hotel and food industry.

And that was one of the reasons why the previous government adopted the new strategy for the employment of third-country nationals, according to former Labour Minister Kyriakos Koushos.

However, amendments decided by former Interior Minister Nikos Nouris that will come into force in August are expected to pave the way for new problems.

Specifically, asylum seekers can now be employed – in specific sectors defined by a ministerial decree – only one month after submitting their application for political asylum. But, as from August, nine months will have to pass since the date of application before they can be legally employed.

And with the new government’s decaled intention to speed up the processing of applications for political asylum it is not impossible that this group of workers may become extinct.

Even though this group currently continues to meet significant needs in sectors and professions that are not popular for EU Community and Cypriot nationals.

However, it all remains to be seen given the current delay in processing applications and the fact that applicants for political asylum have the right to file an appeal after rejection.

And – pending the outcome of the appeal – they have the right to retain their right to employment.

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