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New electronic platform to also provide price transparency on fresh agricultural products

A new electronic platform will pave the way also for transparency when prices of fresh agricultural products in Cyprus are to be determined, Philenews reported on Monday.

The platform is to be set up jointly by the Agricultural Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Information Services Department of the Ministry of Innovation.

“This is a project that will strengthen the role of Producer Groups/Organizations as well as all farmers since through the platform they will be given the opportunity to monitor the progress of products entering the local market,” it also said.

“At the same time, information will be provided on the volume of production, demand and supply,” it added.

The platform will also improve decisions for daily changes of prices of agricultural products, better planning and reduced Unfair Commercial Practices.

This will be achieved through a new relevant bill which is to be voted and implemented soon.

Specifically, with the implementation of this platform, each farmer will be able to register his crops and have access to consolidated data on production volume per product, as well as consumer demand history data on a weekly basis.

In addition, producers will be able to record all products entering or available to enter the market and issue invoices based on the unique platform code.

In the process of consolidating the procedures, all participants will have access to real-time information about the volumes available on the market, as well as the estimated demand on a daily basis.

The implementation of the project will begin in 2022 and be completed in 2024.


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