NewsLocalNew developments in missing man's case further incriminating Little Hacker

New developments in missing man’s case further incriminating Little Hacker

New developments have emerged in the disappearance case of 31-year-old Limassolian Angelos Perikleous (photo) as regards the main suspect who is the island’s infamous 24-year-old Little Hacker, Philenews reports.

Specifically, police investigators have in their hands visual footage which shows the Little Hacker together with a 25-year-old Russian holding pistols and shooting in a remote area of Limassol between April 3 and 21 this year.

After thoroughly studying the videos, investigators identified the Russian who is a permanent resident of Cyprus and known to police. He has been arrested for the illegal possession of pistols and bullets.

Apparently, the Little Hacker – who was the first Cypriot ever to be extradited to the US in 2020 where he served a short sentence for committing financial cyber-crimes – was practising shooting with him.

Six days ago and without a body or a murder weapon yet discovered, police proceeded with the registration of the abduction and alleged murder case of Perikleous to the Nicosia Criminal Court.

The joint indictment includes the names of the main suspect in Perikleous’ disappearance, his 71-year-old uncle and his 59-year-old mother. The Little Hacker faces the most serious charge of premeditated murder.

The trial will begin on June 6.

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