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New Covid restrictions possible next week, as numbers steadily high


The government is looking into additional measures to stem the coronavirus surge over the last couple of weeks and according to Philenews, it’s possible that decisions might be finalised as early as Monday.

On Monday morning, Health Minister Constandinos Ioannou is scheduled to meet members of the scientific advisory committee, followed by a Cabinet meeting during which he will possibly be proposing new restrictions.

They include extending the measures being imposed in the Limassol and Paphos to the whole island, while the extension of new restrictions beyond November 9, should be considered a given.

Scientists have said they will look into the weekend numbers too, evaluate the situation and make final decisions.

It is however clear, that the number of new cases remains steadily high, as does people needing hospital care.

On the other hand, certain restrictions that have not worked, might be suspended.

‘The Committee agrees that the situation is critical and if numbers keep going up, certain interventions are necessary’ said Professor Nikolopoulos.

He added that a general lockdown would be effective as the situation would be controlled in a month and a half at most.

It has been made clear though that the country does not have the luxury to proceed with such drastic action, bearing in mind financial, social and psychological repercussions.

166 new cases were confirmed over the past 24 hours. Five patients remain in critical condition.

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