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New coronavirus measures announced by Government

The Government has announced new measures concerning the coronavirus pandemic. The Council of Ministers presided by Cyprus’ President was in session today. They were briefed by Minister of Health Konstantinos Ioannou on the teleconference held on Wednesday with members of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

The conference examined the epidemiological data from recent days as well as measures to better control and treat the coronavirus pandemic.

The following measures were decided to be applied at least until January 15, 2021:

• Maximum number of people in private gatherings is set at 50 persons.

• Maximum number of people at weddings/baptisms (physical presence at dinner) who can attend is set at 350 people. For congratulations and receptions, the flow of people should not exceed 250 people per hour, and guidelines from the relevant protocol should be followed throughout. Instructions from the existing Protocol are to be applied within temples/religious places. The measure comes in force August 22.

• Maximum number of people in restaurants remains as is at 150 persons indoor and 250 persons outdoor.

• Organising/Conducting festivals, exhibitions, concerts is strictly prohibited in venues such as stadiums, fields, church courtyards, etc. Concerts and theatrical performances in open-air amphitheatres are allowed provided that the spectators are seated and existing protocols are strictly observed.

• Organising conferences/general assemblies/other similar gatherings is allowed considering that organisers adhere to existing relevant protocols.

• Population intervention to 5,000 people, to be repeated every 2 weeks, with laboratory testing in places with a large number of people like bars, restaurants, shopping malls, universities etc, in order to record the epidemiological picture in the community.

• Recommendations for workplaces: An ad hoc committee will prepare recommendations for workplaces in addition to existing protocols that will be updated.

• Sample testing to be carried out in schools, the SHSO, nursing homes and other closed structures.

• People who’ve travelled abroad etc are to retake the coronavirus test 7 days post their arrival regardless if they also took it upon arrival at the airport and they tested negative.

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