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Neurological disabilities patients to get physiotherapy sessions via Gesy based on personal needs

The number of physiotherapy sessions offered by the General Health Scheme (Gesy) to patients with neurological disabilities will be based on their own personal needs.

This is what Philenews reported on Wednesday adding that the register has already been completed by doctors and patients should be receiving via e-mail relevant updated information within the week.

Senior Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) officer Monica Kyriacou also said: “The registry of patients with neurological disabilities now has all beneficiaries in need of physiotherapy services.

“This was completed on June 30, as scheduled, and the Organisation now is pushing forward all necessary procedures for the implementation of the new system”.

She also said that, within the week, the HIO will inform patients of where they stand in regard to the number of physiotherapy sessions they are entitled to.

They will be informed, for example, that if from the evaluation of their data through their doctor’s entries in the register they are granted 20 physiotherapy sessions through Gesy and they themselves have already received 15 for 2022.

This will allow them – in the case where their doctor deems it necessary- to submit for approval a request for additional physiotherapy sessions.

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