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Navy vessels of the CLEMENCEAU 22 mission in Cyprus for reorganizing their operational capacity

everal military vessels of the aeronaval CLEMENCEAU 22 mission have docked in Cyprus, including the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier and the American frigate USS Ross, the French Embassy announced on Saturday.

According to the announcement, the Charles De Gaulle and the USS Ross have arrived in Limassol while multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Normandie is at Larnaca Port.

The Command and Supply Ship (CSB) Marne and the multi-mission with enhanced air-defence capabilities frigate (FREMM-DA) Alsace, are scheduled to arrive in Cyprus within the coming days.

This, it is added, will allow the crews to reorganize their warships` operational capacity by carrying out the necessary maintenance and scheduled staff rotation. The various units of the aircraft carrier battle group will thus be able to go back to sea for another important period of air-sea operations, it is added.

“Cyprus, due to its geographical location, is an important strategic point of support for the French army,” the statement said. These operation breaks are part of the cooperation between France and the Republic of Cyprus, it adds.

It is also mentioned that the aeronaval team has already carried out a first exercise, Talos 22, with Cyprus’ National Guard, while other joint training sessions have already been scheduled for the rest of the mission.

It is noted that the aeronaval team formed around the Charles de Gaulle, has been deployed since February 1 as part of the CLEMENCEAU 22 mission.

According to the Embassy, from the Eastern Mediterranean, the aeronaval team contributes to the autonomous assessment of the situation in the region and to Operation CHAMMAL, the French component of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE, while conducting operations with their partners.


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