NewsLocalNatural gas use in Cyprus won't bring down all-time-high electricity bills

Natural gas use in Cyprus won’t bring down all-time-high electricity bills

Cypriots will still be battling with high electricity bills even after natural gas is introduced to the Mediterranean island. Because natural gas prices are also skyrocketing, Philenews reported on Thursday.

Citizens are now facing all-time-high energy bills that add to the economic woes caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the use of natural gas in electricity generation, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be 25% to 30% lower compared to other fossil fuels such as fuel oil.

However, the rights to use natural gas is expected to be higher than current levels, which will result in Cypriots still having high energy costs even in this case.

Therefore, due to the huge delay in the arrival of natural gas, the households that previously had the possibility for cheaper electricity and wont’ have it in coming years will be lost.


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