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National Health System: One in two patients gets referral

One in two recipients visiting their personal physician get referral for a specialized doctor while one in two recipients gets prescription for medicines or laboratory tests.

The data of the period December 2020-May 2021 has been presented by the Health Insurance Organization to the specialized sub-committee which has already started studying ways to improve and upgrade the institution of the personal physician as well as to face the abuse of the system.

Among the actions of the Health Insurance Organization is the monitor and evaluate the way and reasons referrals are issued by the personal physicians.

Regarding the training of doctors, their education in dealing with chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, disorders of the respiratory system and so forth, is being railroaded.
Moreover, the Organization wants to gradually implement qualitative criteria so that the payment of personal physicians will be based 70% on the number of recipients and 30% on qualitative criteria.

The specialized committee has submitted its suggestions and it is expected that further analysis of the data will follow.

Furthermore, visits to personal physicians all over Cyprus exceed 200,000 every month.
In January 2021, there were 228,397 visit, in February 223,848, in March 264,749, in April 249,358 and in May 270,057.

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