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Music that ‘uplifts’ people to get up and dance forbidden, restaurant protocol stipulates

The Health Ministry released on Monday the rules which restaurants and other dining establishments reopening tomorrow have to follow to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The rules as per the protocol are the following:

  1. The operation of dining establishments is allowed until 10.45 in the evening.

2. The dining establishments whose operation is allowed are:
-snack bars, bars and pubs
-dining areas inside shopping malls
-dining areas within hotels and tourist accommodation, canteens, sports clubs, cultural clubs, associations, etc.
-areas not covered by a roof (permanent or temporary) and
-areas covered by a roof with three (3) sides permanently open.

3. The operation and use of the bars inside and outside the dining areas is limited exclusively to the preparation of food or drinks by the employees and the direct service from the bar is prohibited, with the exception of cafes which serve the public directly from the area of preparation of the drinks. The maximum number of people queuing at the service line indoors should not exceed 10 people.

4. The public is served only in the outdoor areas of the restaurants. Outdoor space is defined as any space that is not indoor or enclosed and has sufficient natural oxygenation.

Adequate natural oxygenation exists in every space which:
-is not covered by a roof, permanent or temporary, and
-is covered by a roof but has three (3) sides permanently open.

5. There should be one person per 2 m² for outdoor areas. For example, if a restaurant has 400 m² outdoors it can serve up to 200 people, provided that the location of the tables, according to the protocol, allows this number.

6. Customers are served exclusively at tables (only seated).

7. The maximum number of persons per table is 8.

8. Employees must wear a mask at work (excluding cooks).

9. Mandatory use of a mask by customers at all times during their presence at the premises, as well as during movement within the space, except for the duration of active feeding.

10. The operation of playgrounds (indoor or outdoor) in restaurants is not allowed.

11. Any kind of music that uplifts people for dancing is forbidden. Dancing is also forbidden and customers are not allowed to stand up and dance around their table.

The Health Ministry also emphasised that all employees at these businesses need to take a Covid test before going back to work on Tuesday, which they need to take on a weekly basis thereafter in the manner specified in the relevant protocol.


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