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Multiple viral infections on the rise in Cyprus, their spread came earlier this year

Multiple viruses have hit Cyprus with pediatric, pathology and respiratory wards of hospitals already recording an alarming high occupancy level, Philenews reported on Monday.

Health experts sent the message that viral infections have begun to spread earlier this year both in Cyprus and all over the world.

And that the imminent drop in temperature because of winter and prolonged stay in closed areas as well as expected gatherings due to the holiday season will lead to an exacerbation of this phenomenon.

“We should not be overwhelmed with fear but it is imperative that we all observe personal protection measures to overcome this multiple epidemic that has begun spreading,” one said.

As for the state of play in state hospitals, insiders said there is an increase in the number of elderly needing hospitalization either for some other viral infection or for coronavirus. And that at least one elderly person dies on a daily basis.

State hospitals organizations spokesman  Charalambos Charilaou also said that – right now – the number of patients in Covid-19 wards is 75-80 daily with the numbers tending to be on the rise.

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