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MPs press for progress on amended dog bill

Running out of patience with the government, the House Environment Committee said on Wednesday it will give the Veterinary Services one more month to amend the dog law or it will do so itself.

“This mockery with amending legislation on dogs must end. The Environment Committee has decided to give the Veterinary Services one month to submit the amended draft law,” chairman Adamos Adamou told reporters.

The Akel MP said that the committee has been waiting for the amended bill for years. The Volunteer Commissioner had taken the initiative so that the bill can be completed, reviewed by the Law Office of the Republic and then submitted to Parliament.

“We told them they have one month, otherwise we will amend the law based on the views we have heard. We cannot continue to have complaints about the issue,” he said.

According to Adamou, one of the reasons cited by the Veterinary Services for the delay is that they are waiting for input from local authorities.

He said the committee had also discussed where the law on dogs overlaps with that of wild birds and games. Everything already covered in the second law has been removed from the first so that Cyprus does not have two laws on the same issue, he said.

The draft bill aims among other to impose tougher penalties for animal abuse.

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