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MP Attalidou to give statement to police for male colleague’s “abusive remarks” on Friday

The Law Office has asked police investigators to first get a statement from Green MP Alexandra Attalidou before proceeding with the possible lifting of the immunity of independent MP Andreas Themistocleous.

Attalidou has filed a complaint against Themistocleous for alleged offensive and deeply racist comments against her on facebook following a post welcoming the bill criminalizing conversion therapies.

The specific comment – one of many in bad taste by the controversial MP who has been slammed repeatedly on social media – was: “It seems the three blacks never showed up.”

On Wednesday, a team of police investigators presented the file case to Law Office members and asked for instructions since the person under scrutiny is an MP privileged with immunity.

Insiders told Philenews after they get Attalidou’s statement on Friday this is expected to be assessed early next week and a decision should be taken whether there is grounds to petition the Supreme Court to lift the MP’s immunity.

Attalidou’s testimony will not only relate to the recent post by Themistocleous but also to a previous abusive issue sparked last December.

That was when the issue of the introduction of sex education in schools was discussed and – once again – Themistocleous had attacked her because of what she had posted in social media.

At the same time, the House Ethics Committee on Thursday will also address the matter with House President Annita Demetriou expected to chair the session.

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