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Mounting evidence in Oikos murder

The police has come up with mounting evidence with regards to the murder that was committed two days ago in Oikos Marathasa, the victim of which was 56-year-old Yiannoula Hatzigianni.

Investigators at the Morphou Police station are pursuing their investigations and waiting for results from a scientific examinations in order to determine whether DNA or fingerprints are found on the murder weapon, and whether they match those of the 40-year-old suspect.

The police have a photograph as evidence that the suspect is the person who committed the murder, even though he refuses his involvement. Blood was found on the money he had in his possession and it will be determined whether the blood belonged to the victim, along with blood stains found on his clothes and in his bath. There is also a witness who saw the suspect in the vehicle, beating the victim and then walking away, as well as another woman who was in the car along with the unfortunate 56-year-old who saw the suspect enter the rear of the same vehicle.

Additionally, there is testimony from a forensic examination that showed that the victim was stabbed from behind. Finally, there is evidence that the suspect bought the knife from a shop in Kalopanayiotis on the same day the murder was committed. Meanwhile, five roommates of the suspect were arrested by the police because they had fake IDs in their possession.

An examination conducted at the house where all them resided, it appeared that the five are from Lithuania, looking for work. The five appeared in court and investigations will be made through Interpol in order to determine whether they have a criminal record. Cases of forgery and trafficking of forged documents are being investigated.

Police investigations are expected to be expanded through the Department of Immigration, Social Security and through Interpol. In addition, the seals on their IDs are expected to be checked, while security checks will be carried out at through Larnaca airport security cameras. The court approved the police request for their detention for a further 8-days.





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