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Most sex offenders are friends or relatives of victims (statistics)

The majority of convicted sex offenders in 2017 were friends or relatives of their victims, Statistical Service figures show.

In total, 45 people were convicted for 36 cases of sex offences in 2017.

There were three cases where the perpetrator was a spouse of the victim, four cases where they were partners, 18 cases where they were acquaintances, four cases where they were first-degree relatives and another four where they had another family relation.

According to the figures, only in four cases the perpetrator had not known the victim before the offence.

Of the 36 cases, 28 were about rape, one was an attempted rape, 14 were abductions, one was for defilement of a girl under 13 years of age and one was for “unnatural offences.”

All the perpetrators were men

All the 45 perpetrators were men, the figures show.

One of them was aged between 16-19, five were aged between 20-24, 11 were aged between 25-29, seven were aged between 30-34, four were aged between 35-39, three were aged between 40-44.

There were 14 cases where the age of the perpetrator was not reported.

Of the 44 victims, eleven were aged between 15-24, four were aged between 25-34, seven were aged between 35-44, one was aged between 45-54 and another one was aged between 55-64.

There was no reported age for 20 victims.

According to the figures 23 of the perpetrators were locals, 13 were citizens of another country and for nine their nationality was not reported.

Many sexual offences took place outside during the day

Of the 36 cases, 17 took place in outside spaces, the figures show.

There were another 16 that happened in houses and another two took place in a church/monastery or a public building.

Regarding the time of day the offences were committed, 14 happened between 06:30 am – 6:30 pm, eight happened during the night and for 14 there was no reported time.

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