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More than one testimonies against 67-year-old

The huge fire that has been raging since Saturday is now under control but rekindling remains an issue so the fire service remains in the area.

In a statement, Andreas Kettis, spokesman of the fire service said that there was some rekindling last night but it was immediately dealt with.

The fire broke out early afternoon on Saturday in the Arakapas village of Limassol destroying many homes in the community, as well as in Eptagonia, Melini, Vavatsinia and Ayious Vavatisinias surrounding the communities.

According to a preliminary investigation, 50 homes have been destroyed in 7 communities affected by the blaze. Moreover, four lives have been lost, young Egyptian workers who were trapped in the flames outside the Larnaca community of Odou and did not manage to escape.

A 67-year-old farmer was arrested and remanded in custody on suspicion of starting the blaze. He was seen by an eyewitness leaving the village of Arakapas in his car at the same time the fire started there on Saturday, police said.

He could face charges of recklessly causing the deaths of the four Egyptians, police added also noting that more than one testimonies exist against the man.

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