NewsLocalMore than 64,000 vaccinations in Cyprus.

More than 64,000 vaccinations in Cyprus.

In an announcement, the Health Ministry noted that Cyprus is moving ahead toward the completion of one of its main targets, regarding the vaccination coverage of its population against COVID-19.

It is noted that Cyprus is among the first EU member-states regarding vaccinations, at least for the first dose of the vaccine of people 80 years of age and over.

Moreover, Cyprus has also reached the EU target of vaccinating at least 80% of its health professionals by March and has already started the vaccination of high-risk groups. It has also provided procedures for bedridden persons.

The vaccination plan proceeds normally. Until 23 February, 64.562 vaccinations had been administered. Of these 44,239 had to do with people who had received the first dose of the vaccine and 20,323 people who had completed the vaccination.

The vaccinations take place in nine Vaccination Centers in all District by a total of 20 crews.

Currently the vaccination of people 71 years of age and over is in progress.


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